mona lisa real painting: Interesting Facts: These are the 7 things of ‘Mona Lisa’ that make it the most popular and mysterious painting – mona lisa painting mystery and interesting facts

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mona lisa real painting: Interesting Facts: These are the 7 things of ‘Mona Lisa’ that make it the most popular and mysterious painting – mona lisa painting mystery and interesting facts

Mona Lisa Painting Facts: ‘Mona Lisa’ is considered to be the world’s most mysterious, expensive and popular painting. The most written, read and research has been done about this painting so far. has been done. This painting was made by the famous painter Leonardo da Vinci about 500 years ago, he started making this painting in 1503 and after 14 years this painting was ready. Today we will tell 7 such reasons for this painting, due to which it is considered to be the most mysterious and popular.

1. It took 12 years to make only lips
Mona Lisa means my lady. It is not only a painting but also a mystery in itself. The biggest feature of this picture is its smile. Many researches have been done on this till now. The smile on the face made in the Mona Lisa painting is visible from every corner in a different angle. At first it is very visible, then gradually it starts fading, eventually it disappears completely. It took Leonardo da Vinci 12 years to create just the lips of the Monalisa.

2. Gave his life for the Mona Lisa
Luc Maspero, a French artist, committed suicide by jumping off the roof of a Paris hotel on 23 June 1852. He was madly in love with the mysterious smile and beauty of the Mona Lisa. He wrote in his suicide note that he is madly in love with Monalisa. Not only this, this painting also gets many love letters, flowers in the museum. People madly in love with Mona leave their love letters in front of her.
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3. The painting was made in 14 years
It took Leonardo da Vinci 14 years to make this painting. He started building it in 1503 and completed it in 1517. More than 30 layers were used to make this painting. Some of it was finer than a human hair. The painting looks big but it is quite small. It measures 30 by 21 inches and weighs 8 kg. It is not made on paper and canvas but on popular wood with oil paint.

4. This painting found after theft is famous
This painting was not very famous from the beginning, it became famous when it was stolen from the Ris Lube Museum Paris. On August 21, 1911, the theft of a painting from such a big museum was a big deal. After it was stolen, the first suspicion went to the painter Pablo Picasso, but after questioning him, this charge was dropped from him. After a lot of searching, it was found that it was stolen by one of the staff workers of the museum, Vincenzo Perugia. He wanted to take this painting back to Italy. He believed that it was the heritage of Italy. After some time in Italy, it was put back in the museum. At the same time, Vincenzo was given a sentence of 6 months for this, but the people of Italy considered him a patriot for this.

5. There are also twin paintings of Mona Lisa
It is believed that Francesco Melzi, a student of Leonardo da Vinci, made its twin paintings. It is housed in the Museo de Prado, the capital of Spain, Madrid. Between 1514 -1516, one of his own students also made a nude version of the Mona Lisa. Whose position of hands and body is similar to the original painting. It’s called Monna Vanna. It is said that perhaps this painting was also made by Leo.
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6. Mona Lisa still a mystery
Who is the woman Mona Lisa, it is still a mystery. Leonardo da Vinci was a painter as well as a writer, but he never wrote anything about this painting. Nor has it ever been told who is this woman, whose painting has been made. Some research believes that this painting is of Lis Gherardini, an Italian woman from Florence. At the same time, some people say that in this painting she made herself as a woman.

7. Many times people tried to harm
When the Second World War was going on, the Mona Lisa painting has been replaced 6 times. So that it does not fall into the hands of the German people. There have been several attempts to damage this painting. Once in 1956 a tourist threw a stone at it, leaving a mark on its left side, later it was fixed. Not only this, a person had thrown acid on it. After that it was kept in a bullet proof frame. At the same time, a woman had sprayed red spray on it.

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