indian rebellion of 1857 in hindi: GK Update: First freedom struggle 1857, which changed many policies of British in India – indian rebellion of 1857 history and facts in hindi

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indian rebellion of 1857 in hindi: GK Update: First freedom struggle 1857, which changed many policies of British in India – indian rebellion of 1857 history and facts in hindi


  • Conspiracy was hatched to fail the first revolution
  • Empire expansion was halted
  • Know here interesting facts of 1857 revolution

Indian Rebellion Of 1857 Causes And Effects: First War of Independence – 1857 is also known as First Indian Rebellion, First Indian War of Independence, Sepoy Mutiny. It was an armed rebellion against British rule, which lasted for two years in different regions of India. The rebellion started with minor skirmishes and arson in the cantonment areas of Meerut and spread throughout the country. The end of this rebellion is considered with the end of the rule of the East India Company in India.

164 years have been completed for this first revolution for the independence of the country. This revolution has always been an inspiration to the patriots. Indian soldiers started an organized revolution on 10 May 1857 against the British rule. Which was started by Mangal Pandey from Meerut. After the start of this revolution, it also spread at a fast pace in many important places of the country. The freedom fighters of the country raised the challenge of their rebellion in front of the British government on a very large scale.

Conspiracy hatched to make this revolution a failure
To suppress this revolution, the British government treated the people like animals, but even after this the revolution did not stop. After which the Britishers, afraid of this revolution, made many changes in their rule and started conspiracies to make the revolution of 1857 unsuccessful. Even if he did not get relief from this, then he started documenting these things (rumors) in the then education and intellectual world.

East India Company rule ended with this revolution
As soon as this first revolution of India slowed down, in the year 1858, the British Parliament ended the existence of the East India Company. After which Queen Victoria took the full right of rule over India in her hands. An ‘Indian Secretary of State’ was arranged in England under the Act of 1858 AD. To assist this, an ‘Advisory Council’ of 15 members was formed. Out of these 15 members, 8 were appointed by the government and 7 by the ‘Court of Directors’.
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halting the expansion of the empire
After this revolution, the words of the Indian people were heard and there was talk of returning their pride and rights again. At the same time, Queen Victoria promised the Indian Jaras to follow the treaties on her behalf. At the same time, the expansion of the British Empire was also put under control. Queen Victoria promised that she would not encroach on her territory or rights. Along with this, he also talked about ending religious exploitation in the government and appointment in government services without discrimination. However, after this the British started the tricks of economic exploitation.

military reorganization begins
The British were so scared of this revolution that they started increasing the number of European soldiers in India on the basis of military reorganization. Simultaneously, the appointment of Indians in high military posts was stopped. The artillery was completely controlled by the English army. Apart from this, the ratio of Indian and British soldiers in the army for the Bengal Presidency was reduced to 2:1. Whereas in Madras and Bombay Presidencies this ratio was reduced to 3:1. The recruitment of the upper caste people of India in the army was completely stopped.

Governor-General’s post renamed
After this revolution, under the Act of 1858, the designation of the Governor-General in India was changed to the designation of ‘Viceroy’. Along with this, in the year 1861, the ‘Indian Council Act’ was passed in the field of representation in the administration of Indians. After which the trust of the Indian people started rising from him.
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The spread of Christianity slowed down
The revolt of 1857 had a profound effect on the religious outlook as well. By 1857, the Mughal Empire had ceased to exist in India. The British were openly promoting Christianity, those who accepted it, they got tax relief. Although this mission of the British slowed down after this revolution, they were afraid to go to the villages.

Interesting facts about 1857 revolution

  1. This revolution was just a sepoy mutiny.
  2. The beginning of this revolution started suddenly and without any planning, only because of the greased cartridges.
  3. This rebellion took place only in North India.
  4. Some princes and princes also participated in this rebellion, all of them were dissatisfied due to the loss of their rule.
  5. At the same time, Muslim society also joined this rebellion to regain its rule in India.
  6. The first spark of independence lit on May 10, 1857, continued the struggle of the Indian people in India for 90 years, due to which the British were forced to leave the country.

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