How to Boost Gaming Performance on Your Android Phone – Fast Smartphone Speed, use these tricks today, the effect will be visible in an hour!

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How to Boost Gaming Performance on Your Android Phone – Fast Smartphone Speed, use these tricks today, the effect will be visible in an hour!


  • Smartphone speed will be superfast
  • Gaming experience will be doubled
  • Play games without interruption and watch videos

New Delhi. There is a perception among common people that an expensive smartphone is needed to play the game. But it is not so, because you can get the best gaming experience even from a budget level smartphone. The biggest thing is that users do not even have to compromise on the gaming experience in this. Gaming performance always depends on the internal hardware, although this is not the only reason. Here we are giving you information about some tips, which you can get the best performance through your smartphone.

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Turn off background apps: Even if your smartphone is equipped with limited RAM, closing background apps is a great relief. This frees up RAM and can greatly improve gaming performance.

Turn off power saving mode: When power saving mode is turned on in a smartphone, it reduces the brightness, clock speed, etc. to save battery life by limiting system resources. Whenever you are playing the game, it should be turned off at that time.

Activate Game Mode or High Performance Mode: In today’s time, high performance mode or gaming mode is available in many Android smartphones. In this mode, smartphones are pre-configured considering gaming as more important than other activities. If it is given in your smartphone then activate it.

Use Game Booster App to better manage system resources: Game Booster apps optimize the performance of the smartphone for gaming. These apps automatically close all the necessary activities and tasks to provide the best gaming performance.

Connect good Wi-Fi to smartphone while playing games: Smooth gaming performance is required for the best gaming performance. With this, players can enjoy lag-free gaming experience.

Adjust game settings: Users should always adjust the graphics settings of the game according to their smartphone. With this, users are able to enjoy better frame rates and smoother gaming experience.

Clear Cache: Clearing the entire cache data of the smartphone can go a long way in terms of storage. Free storage is very important for the smartphone to operate properly and this helps in gaming performance.

Remove widgets on home screen: If you are an Android user then you should also know that widgets use up system resources. If you remove them then it can improve the performance of the smartphone.

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Update the smartphone to the latest software: Smartphone makers send software update notifications to improve the system and provide new features. By installing the latest software, your smartphone works better.

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