CMA Exam 2021: CMA students move to supreme court against online exam and change in pattern

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CMA Exam 2021: CMA students move to supreme court against online exam and change in pattern


  • The CMA exam is to be held on December 8.
  • The exam will be conducted online.
  • The students are seeking for the offline exam.

A PIL has been filed before the Supreme Court challenging the pattern and mode of Intermediate and Final CMA examination to be conducted online by the Institute of Cost Accountants of India (ICMAI) on 8 December. Students are very upset due to online CMA i.e. Cost and Management Accountant exam and changes in the pattern. Students say that they are not ready to take the exam in online mode, as well as the way the pattern of the paper has been changed, it is also not right.

Students claim that more than 80,000 students will appear in this exam who are against taking the online exam and want to take the exam in offline mode. Students say that the institute changed the pattern without any official notification and they came to know about the change through mock tests. Students have mailed their queries many times to the institute, but they are not getting any reply from the institute. Students are tweeting their problems on Twitter with the hashtag #cmastudents.

Shreya Tiwari (name changed), a student, said in a conversation with Navbharat Times Online, “I am very sad that the institute made changes but did not understand to convey it to the students. If the institute had clarified to us, we would not have had such a problem. We have many questions which are yet to be answered. This time only 1 mock test has come, whereas last year 5 mock tests were issued. We are facing a lot of trouble, but in the end we have no option but to give the exam.

Siddharth Jalan, a student, told Navbharat Times Online, “We are not in the habit of taking online exams. In online exam we may find it difficult to complete the paper on time and it may reduce our marks. We are mentally stressed and not ready to take the exam online.

Sujata, a student, says, “Our syllabus is different, our study material is different. The paper is descriptive, how will we type. The symbols of some formulas are not even present in the computer keyboard. Online exam for IBPS PO is fine because of the structure of their syllabus, but in our case it is a whole different story.

These changes in the exam
The students told that last year due to the corona epidemic, online home based exams were held. Students had given the exam from home, but this time we have to go to the exam center in the online exam, so what is the use of online exam? The students further said that this year 40 percent paper will be objective and 60 percent theory based. Earlier also there used to be a similar paper but in this theory part, after eliminating the multiple choice completely, one has to write the final answer of the question in short there. It is also not clarified to the students whether the working note will be checked or not or whether there will be step marking or not.

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The matter reached the Supreme Court
The matter has now reached the Supreme Court. Students have challenged the exam pattern and mode of the paper and demanded to conduct the exam in offline mode. But whether the students will get relief or not, it now depends on the decision of the Supreme Court.

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