animals found in india only upsc: special animals found in india which are not found anywhere else

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animals found in india only upsc: special animals found in india which are not found anywhere else


  • Indian black scorpion is 10 cm long
  • One horned rhinoceros is included in the main conservation of India.
  • Know about 10 such January, which are found only in India

Animals Found In India Only UPSC: Many types of animals are found in the forests of India, it is said that more than 25% of the world’s fauna, land, forests and drinking water are in India, there are about 400 national parks which are home to many wild species and some huge Ideal habitat for wild animals. The Indian subcontinent has a wide variety of fauna, but there are some that are found only in India. Today we are going to tell you about 10 such animals.

1. Flying Squirrel
Flying squirrel is a special species found in India. It usually lives on trees and usually comes out at night. It has the ability to shrink its skin and it flies in the air. Due to the destruction of its natural habitat and due to its hunting, the number of this squirrel in India is continuously decreasing.

2. Gangetic Dolphin
The dolphin found in India’s holiest river Ganges is found in the world’s most densely populated area. They are also known as Susu in India and it is estimated that their number will now be around 2000. These Platanista gangetica have long slender beaks and sharp teeth. These dolphins living in dirty rivers and canals have very small eyes which are not of much use. It recognizes the light of light but does not recognize the shape.

3. Asian Barr
Burrs that kill people with a single sting are most commonly found in India, which can be up to 5 cm long. The Asian burr (Vespa mandarinia) is also found in Southeast Asia. Their venom is so dangerous that it can corrode human tissue! Due to this, a large number of people also die in Asia.

4. Indian Black Scorpion
The 10 cm long Indian black scorpion is the longest of its species. According to a study, the venom of the Indian black scorpion has anti-cancer properties. Therefore its venom is also used as medicine. The Indian red scorpion, closely related to the species of black scorpion, is considered the most dangerous scorpion in the world.
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5. Giant Water Bug
The water bug, found in many places in North India, is one of the largest bugs in the world. This species, called Lithocere index, is found around the Ganges and Gandak rivers. Adult water bugs can grow up to 8 cm long and are very painful if bitten. They are so large that they usually prey on fish, snakes, small turtles and frogs.

6. Shark Whale
Found in the Indian subcontinent, the shark whale is the longest fish in the world. It is found in the warm and tropical seas of India. Now measures have been taken to keep them safe. Shark whales may be large in size, but their liver is smaller than other sharks.

7. Spotted Cats of India
A very special species of big cats is found in the forests of India. This includes Royal Bengal Tiger, Asiatic Lion, Mountain Leopard, Snow Leopard. Apart from this, many small cats are also found. These include the bunny cat, the wild cat and the desert cat.

8. Alligator
The Indian gharial has long, thin jaws and razor-like teeth. Male alligators make very loud sounds. They do this to attract female alligators. It can grow up to 6 meters tall. In the year 1975, the Government of India launched a campaign for the protection of alligators.
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9. Red Panda of India
Apart from the pandas found in China, red pandas are found in the eastern Himalayas of India. It can be seen in the Khangchendzonga and Namdapha National Parks of Sikkim, Arunachal Pradesh and West Bengal. For years, biologists remained confused about this small creature as to which species it is. However, it is now seen that the red panda has its own lineage, with creatures such as skunks, raccoons and mustelids. They have nothing to do with giant pandas. They are carnivorous but eat only plants first. Bamboo leaves are important in this. After this they eat fruits, flowers and sometimes even eggs or small birds.

10. One Horned Rhinoceros
Hunted for the medicinal properties of their horns, the one-horned rhinoceros is one of India’s main conservationists. These endangered Indian species can be mostly seen in Kaziranga National Park, Dudhwa Tiger Reserve, Pobitora Wildlife Sanctuary, their main habitat is the Himalayan foothills in India and Nepal.

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